Role of medicine in treating the anxiety

Having frequent, strong, extreme Anxiety and also the persistent type of worries and fears, on everyday situations can be concluded as anxiety disorders. Panic attacks are a few minutes of extreme fear or anxiety episodes. Being vulnerable to these situations, you might find it very difficult to carry on even your daily activities and push you into distress.

Medication for Anxiety attack

It’s quite natural to start searching for a solution to overcome these daunting anxiety issues. And grab the medicine that promises to take away your panic attacks, fears and put an end to your sleepless nights.

If your situation is very worse and needs immediate relief, then definitely you can treat your anxiety disorders through traditional anti-anxiety medicines like benzodiazepines or also opt for new choices such as SSRI antidepressants. This drug also contains risks such as significant side effects and other safety concerns.

Benzodiazepine as Anti-anxiety

For a very long time, the most widely recommended medication for anxiety is benzodiazepines. It works efficiently by enhancing the effects of natural chemical present in the body called GABA. Ativan is a very quick-acting drug that helps you to overcome your panic attacks or panic episodes within an hour. It addresses your anxiety by relaxing you mentally and physically.

The dosages have to be carefully monitored, for overdoses pose a high risk such as life-threatening side effects. The important note is, it should not be consumed for a longer period for their addictiveness. The more you take; your body will demand higher doses to get the same relief from anxiety. being used to high doses, it becomes very difficult to overcome the withdrawal symptoms such as increased anxiety, sleeplessness leading to even depression. It’s vital to avoid drugs such as alcohol or other painkillers, antidepressants, etc.  during its use to avoid fatal interactions.

Buspirone for Anxiety

Among the new medications available, Buspirone, commonly known under the brand name BuSpar is a mild tranquilizer that can handle your anxiety for a relatively much longer time period. It acts by inducing the serotine levels in the brain and lower the dopamine. However, you cannot expect immediate results from this class of drugs for it takes about two weeks to initiate the effects.

For those who as a history of any drug abuse, Buspirone is the right choice for it is not very addictive and also does not cause many deadly interactions with other drugs. Even its withdrawal symptoms and side effects are very minimal.

Anti-depressants for anxiety

Some SSRI drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil or Celexa, which are the most widely prescribed medicines to treat anxiety. They have been recognized as an efficient medication to treat anxiety disorder types such as

  • generalized anxiety disorder
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • panic disorder
  • social anxiety disorder, and
  • post-traumatic stress disorder.

Antidepressants can toss the condition much worse if depression is co-existing with anxiety. The drug might trigger suicidal thoughts and homicidal behavior. Very careful monitoring is essential when the patient is given with anti-depressants, as there might even be circumstances of sudden outbursts of anxiety attacks, extreme agitation, insomnia, etc.

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