Causes of Anxiety disorder

Anxiety is a normal response condition that is experienced by everyone out there in some way or the other in their lives. In fact, anxiety is nothing but a response to the stress that people face in their lives with respect to work, personal life, money, and other factors. Anxiety isn’t a thing to worry as long as it stays put in a limited way. Some of the causes or the signs that could put people into the grasps of anxiety disorder are given below.

Excessive worrying

Worrying excessively for even small things can lead to a string of anxiety disorder episodes. The worrying tends to become severe with time and makes it hard for people to focus on their daily tasks. People who are above 65 years of age usually go through a lot of stressors in life, making them a victim of anxiety disorder. It is all due to the immense stress that people take up in their lives that puts them at risk. It all starts with worrying for even trivial things in life.


A racing pulse and sweaty palms can be signs of agitation, which leads people into an anxiety disorder. The nervous system that is associated with the sympathetic part goes overdrive in these circumstances. The heart rate and senses are heightened, like in the event of a threat. This effect, when it is experienced for a long period of time, it might become very harmful to people’s lives.


Restlessness can be seen mostly in children and teen people. Restlessness is a feeling associated with some discomfort and feeling on the edge all the time. If you experience restlessness for at least five days a week, then there are chances that you could be suffering from an anxiety disorder.


Feeling weak all the time could mostly be due to anxiety also. Anxiety is always associated with high energy responses but in case of weakness, it might be due to lack of sleep and the tendency to keep worrying all the time. Fatigue can also be due to depression at times.

Difficulty with focus and Concentration

It all starts with difficulties with respect to concentrating and focusing on specific things. More anxiety patients have always been reported to have difficulties with concentration. This effect, in turn, lowers the performance of people, enabling them to experience higher levels of anxiety.


Most people who experience extreme irritability in the daily lives associated themselves with arousal and it is a common stage, which then leads to anxiety. Irritation has been reported as a common condition in many anxiety patients. At times, it makes their lives all the more miserable.

Muscle tension

Factors leading to muscle tension can also increase the symptoms of anxiety and put people in a bad light. It is not completely clear as to how muscle tension is linked to anxiety. However, it cannot be denied that anxiety could increase the tension in muscles. And in most treatment procedures, muscle relaxations have proven to be helpful.

Sleeping troubles

Most people when they are prone to experience a lot of stress, they tend to stay awake or face a lot of difficulties with sleeping on time. Some experts even say that insomnia during early age can be linked to anxiety disorder in the future. It is yet unclear as to what attributes to the other but insomnia has a lot to with anxiety disorders. This is why most people take pills for anti-anxiety, which might work for insomnia too.

Panic attack

Panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder, where recurring attacks take place. The attack could be characterized by extreme fear, rapid breathing, sweating, nausea and much more. In these cases, anti-anxiety medications can help people override the situation.

Avoiding social interactions

A tendency to feel nervous or anxious about social situations can lead to anxiety disorder with time. Children might feel so scared to get on the stage and if this follows and they do not break open from that fear, they might become victims of anxiety disorder in the future. Such people might seem very shy and distressed when they are to interact with the outside world. They will have to become bold enough to face society and eliminate anxiety.

Irrational fear

A phobia for any situation, place or person is what an irrational fear is. These fears when it keeps growing inside the brain, it could lead to drastic changes in behavior. It is a severe feeling that constraints a person from functioning normally.

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